Make your office space work friendly and energetic by following these simple tips.

13Hang Pictures

Display photographs either on frames or on wires. Photos are fun to stare at.

12Add Greenery

Plants are an easy way to give you a fresh feel everyday. They also purify the air in your office. Bring small plants or bonsai.

11Planner Boards

Add some decoration to your monthly planner boards with color thumb pins or washi tape. You’ll no longer be scared of upcoming meeting.

10Coffee Mug

Use a fun coffee mug to drink from. Colorful and designed mugs will cheer you up.


Pick some fun stationery items for your office. It’s not really unprofessional have fancy pens and stick-ons.


Manage the wires and cables of the electrical and electronics that you use in your office like computer, printers, lamps etc. They look shabby and open wires are risky too.

7Use Colors

Don’t make your work space look bland by using colors that are too dull. If possible, paint the walls in friendly and vibrant colors.

6Display Art

Display some art either in the cabin, on the walls or on the desk. Art inspires!


Don’t go with usual kind of furniture. Bring some that are comfortable yet sturdy, less space consuming and have storage spaces.


Use mirrors to make you office spaces look bigger. This is an unconventional method of decorating an office space.


Its better to allow the neutral lighting to enter your work space. Natural light is refreshing so use light (white) drapes on windows and make your desk face it.


A good smell brings positivity. Brun your favorite scant or use room freshners.

1Desk Organizer

Use a desk organizer to hold everything kept on the desk in place.