All of us wish for thick and healthy hair. Hair doesn’t just enhance our facial appearance but influences our overall personality. Follow these healthy hair practices.

13Clean Wash

pretty elegancy woman taking shower

Clean hair is the first step to healthy hair. Wash your thoroughly hair at least twice a week. Use mild shampoos. Strong shampoos can dry your hair draining all the natural oils.

12Deep Conditioning

Shampoos wash away the natural oils from your hair. Its important to condition your hair after every wash. But do not use it on your scalp.


Nourish your hair with oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, mustard oil or castor oil. These oils moisturize, strengthen and vitalize hair.


Person cutting hair with scissors

Trim your hair every few weeks to avoid spit-end and to keep them in shape.

9No Heat

Do not expose your hair to heat for too long while styling with straightening iron, curling tong or blow dryer. Heat is very harmful to your hair. Use velcro rollers and non heating methods.

8UV Protection

Just like your skin, your hair also gets affected by with harmful UV rays of the Sun. Use a scarf or a hat while you are out in the sun. Don’t forget that your scalp is also a type of akin.


Its good to comb your hair regularly and untangle them to prevent breakage. But don’t comb it very frequently as it can increase hair fall. Do not comb wet hair.


Treat your hair with packs of natural ingredients like egg, curd, multani – mitti, henna, onion etc. This will accelerate the hair growth and will keep them strong and healthy.


Tie your hair in a pony tail, bun or braid when you don’t need to leave them open or while travelling on a bike. Open hair tend to tangle easily. Do not tie wet hair. Neither tie them too tight.


Occasionally pamper your hair by undergoing a hair spa at home or a saloon. Steam opens up the pores or roots of the hair letting in the nourishing oils. Spa also increases the blood circulation of your scalp.


Head massage can do wonders to your hair. Head massage improves the blood circulation of your head leaving a flush of blood into your head. Massage also relaxes your mind and body.


Exercise is a healthy practice and improves the condition of every part of your body with sweat releasing the harmful toxins and deep breathing taking oxygen into your body. This helps your hair too.


Adding a lot of veggies, nuts, fish and egg to your diet also improves the quality of your hair.