During monsoon season, the biggest question that arises in our mind everyday is what footwear should we put on. Wet roads, mud, and puddles destroy them by the time we reach back home. But with these footwear you can enjoy monsoon without compromising on comfort and style.

  1. Crocks
    po45z801kw1couhCrocks are the ultimate monsoon shoes. They are solely made 4 walking in rain. They are made of materials (mainly plastic) that do not get destroyed by water. They come in fancy designs and colors.
  2. Boots
    rain_bootsRain boots are good for those days when you can’t avoid going out in the heavy rain. They are super stunning and smart.
  3. Floaters
    29men5Floaters have a good grip on you (straps) and on the ground (grippy soul). They are best suited for summer but you can carry them into the monsoons also.
  4. Flip Flop
    Woman-wearing-flipflops-in-the-rainFlip flop may not be the best footwear for rainy season as they are slippery and too light. But they can be worn as they are water resistant and can be washed and dried easily.
  5. Plastic Sandals
    1_jelly-sandalsA lot of footwear makers are now trying to modify your daily footwear to make them suitable for monsoons also. They are mixing fabrics and materials like plastic, that are water repellent. One of such footwear is Jellies. So you can continue wearing your favorite everyday-footwear without having to give up on style.

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