In modern times, the living spaces are shrinking. But with smart planning, even the smallest of homes can be given a stylish and comfortable touch.

14Kitchen Storage

Open storage shelves can divide a small kitchen into two separate space. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are best to store and display cooking items.

13Home Office

In bedroom, you can use the space between the closets into a small workplace by adding a ‘built-into-the-wall’ desk and some shelves above it to keep books.


Narrow wall shelves are smart ways to store bathroom essentials. Place canisters to hold wipes and lotions. Keep other toiletries in hidden storage to avoid clutter.

11Multipurpose Zones

Smartly design a space at home that is used for several purposes. Keep a simple desk but install a collection of shelves surrounding it on the wall. You can even add a ‘pull-out’ bed for those occasional guests.

10Light Colors

Dark shades make the space look smaller. Use lighter shades, especially whites on walls, ceilings and furniture to give a spacious feel. You can us highlights of dark colors to definition to the room.

9Curtain Divides

A simple sheer curtain is the simplest way to visually divide two spaces.

8Under The Stairs

The area under the staircase can be used for storage by adding a shelving unit. Make it a mini bar or a mini library.


A floor-to-ceiling window makes a room look bigger. Use curtains that give the impression of a floor-to-ceiling window.


Install tall mirrors for they add dimension to space and makes it appear much larger.


Use smart furniture like double – story beds or boxed beds so that you can save space or store things in them.


Instead using bulky chandeliers, lamps or table lamps, use wall mounted lamps.


Hang small desks or stands on walls to display or hold things instead of keeping tables on the floor sticking to the wall.

2Multipurpose Items

Use things that are of various utility. Like a mirror that opens up as a shelf.

1Sliding Doors

Use drawers and doors that are slid-able. This saves a lot of space and is easy to work.