Stores do not prefer keeping out-of-season merchandise on display as they need space for new items. And the way the fashion industry is growing day by day, the trend keeps changing because of which the stores also keep updating their stock, clearing the old. This is where the ‘end-of-season- sale step in. Follow these tips to make these sales a great deal.



Shop on weekdays, preferably during day time to avoid crowd.

Buy In Bulk


Buying in bulk will fetch you maximum discount.



This is the best time to buy high-end products. You can buy your favorite styles, brands and designer items at discounted prices.

7Compare Prices

It’s good to compare the discounted prices between stores and products. You may get a better deal in a specific store.

6Online Sale

Some online websites may offer a further discounted price as compared to stores. But make sure you also keep the shipping charges and delivery time in mind.


Offers like “buy 1 get 1 free” or “free gift purchase” may sound very exciting but think well before you buy. If its something that you wont use, its not a deal.


When prices fall, the temptation to shop rises. Make sure what you buy if in a good shape. Do not settle down for stuff that doesn’t fit you well or has a poor quality.

3Make A List

Making a list will help you organize the shopping experience. You wont miss out anything and can buy all of that at best prices.

2Plan Budget

Make a budget and stick to it.

1Return Policy

Check the return policies of the store before you buy something. The items on end-of-season sale usually have shorter return period.