Karwachauth Simple Mehandi Designs

Mehandi is the Symbol Of love in Indian tradition it is usually applied during special days such as wedding and during Hindu festivals like Dassehra, Karva Chauth, Diwali, Vrat Purnima, Bhai Dooj and Teej. We are now heading towards the festive season with of the important festival being Teej. Apart from fasting, the ladies love to get ready with beautiful Saree & Desginer clothes and all kinds of accessories & jewelry.

During festivals, Indian women apply new mehandi designs on their hands and feet to make it look beautiful. See best Mehandi Desgins for you check here. The current trend is basically about the two more kinds of mehandi style – The Arabic Mehandi Design & the Pakistani Mehendi Design. Some of beautiful Mehandi designs for kids also available here. Now a day arabic mehandi designs are famous in India for weddings, party and more. The look of arabic and pakistani mehendi designs are much different than Indian Designs.

Arabic Mehandi Designs

The Arabs have a very artistic culture. This reflects on their mehandi style too. SimpleArab Mehandi Design is more intricate and detailed. They fill your palm mainly motifs of flowers & leaves. They have various styles of mehandi like Black Mehandi used for outlining the designs. Watch out some latest Arabic mehandi designs images:

arabic style for women

Pakistani Mehendi Designs

Pakistani Mehendi is an artistic fusion. They are highly influenced by Indian & Arabic Mehandi Styles. It’s a mix of outliner Black Mehandi & filler Red Mehandi. The designs are usually very elaborate especially on the palm and back of the hands. They include beautiful swirls and curls making the mehandi look absolutely classy and unique. Some of Pakistani mehandi designs images below:

arabic mehandi design images for hands