Look Gorgeous on Your Wedding Day

weddingAs a woman, one of the most special days your life is your wedding day. It is the day when you are entering a new life altogether. In your fantasies, you see yourself walking down the aisle leaving everyone totally mesmerized, especially the groom. But with the decreasing number of days left to the wedding, your anxiety is increasing, isn’t it? You want to look and feel nothing lesser than your best that day. Wondering how, read this just now!

Plan Ahead Of Time!

Plan your look well before the wedding day. Be sure and ready with the make up, dress, accessories and hair-do probably a week before the day. You may want to try something new for your wedding but don’t do something too different from your personality. Trying out new things like artificial nails or eye lashes or a fancy wig for the first time on the wedding day is not a good idea. You may not feel comfortable in it. And experimenting with your looks just few days before your wedding is a bit risky too. Keep it simple and classic! This will keep you stress free.

Perfection Comes With Practice

Beauty-Tips-for-preparing-for-your-wedding-dayPracticing your look is very important. Try different hair styles so that you may know which best suits your face. Practicing it before hand will only lessen the last minute rush. It’s a good idea to do it with a friend as some of the hair-dos may require help. Watching videos on ‘how to get that style’ can be useful. If possible, also try the make-up too so that you can customize the look depending on your facial features. Trying the wedding dress or ‘shaadi ka joda’ is a must. It’s your dress, so it should fit you perfectly. Get the “last minute” alterations done a week before the wedding.


Trust me, it’s worth the effort! Surf the net, take a dive into the wedding fashion magazines. Look for style that appeal you and share it with your beautician. Discuss on how to go about. Tell your expectations and your concerns.

Pamper Your Body And Soul


The wedding day is going to be stressful but you need to look fabulous. So it’s a good idea to release all your stress with some self pampering. Get those bangs trimmed, washed and conditioned or may be a hair spa done. Relax your body and mind by getting a good body massage or a hot steam bath. A refreshing facial is enough for a glowing skin.

Healthy From The Inside

You may be undergoing a lot of beauty treatments to look stunning on your wedding but until your real health is in a good shape all of it is in vain. Check your eating, drinking and sleeping habits. Eat healthy – fresh fruits, veggies, non – oily food and drink enough water and fruit juices. This will remove toxins from your body and will also give you a radiant and clear skin. Sleep well enough. Brides need their beauty sleep to keep tiredness and dark circles at bay.

Be Happy!


If you are happy, all is well! Think positive! Read good stuff; listen to soothing and jolly music. Spend quality time with your family and friends. Feel good about yourself. Nothing can make you look beautiful in real than your smile.