Ten Ways To Avoid Colds And Flu This Winter


Winter is on the streets and it is time to take utmost care to protect yourself and your kids from flu and cold. This is that time of the year when all diseases try to have a meeting with you. Well encouraging them will prove you costly. Not just taking medicines but lying down on the bed feeble and weak are something enough to keep you frustrated this festive season. Normally sore throat and aching body are the two common symptoms that you encounter with flu and cold. How does it feel when you have a blocked nose and an aching body? It is essential to adhere to protective measure this season to fight back flu and cold.

Best ways of maintain a distance from flu and cold

Each year millions of people suffer due to colds and flu. It is now your turn to bid goodbye to these health disorders and enjoy a great winter. Take a look at the tips you need to follow:

  1. 18Stay away from people having flu

    Woman Sneezing and Blowing Nose With White Tissue.

If you find anyone at your school or office encountering running nose or fever, it is suggested to maintain a safe distance. Flu and colds are communicable. You must ask that friend of yours to take a sick leave.

17Cover and sneeze-


When you are sneezing, just turning your head is not enough. Make sure to cover your nose with a handkerchief or tissue paper while sneezing.

15Dispose of the tissue you used for sneezing properly-


Make sure to dispose the tissue you used while sneezing at a proper bin.

13Wash your hand-

12Caucasian woman washing her hands

Make sure to wash your hand thoroughly before eating food or holding your child. Use branded hand sanitizers and soap. Hand sanitizers are easily available at groceries and pharmacies.

11Don’t touch unclean surfaces-


It is essential to keep your rooms, surrounding as well as all your belongings like laptops, door handle, window panes etc. clean. Touching dust engulfed surfaces transfer the germs to your body which results into viral disorders.

9Visit a doctor-


There are people who have a tendency of restoring to self-medication. Get rid of this habit and visit a doctor whenever you or any of your family members encounter flu. Common symptoms of flu include sore throat, coughing, headaches, body pain and running nose.

7Wash the clothes with disinfectants-

6Simply washing your clothes with detergent water is not enough. Make sure to wash them with disinfectants thoroughly.

5Get the right vaccination-


Medical science has advanced to a great extent. Now there are vaccinations available for prevention flue as well as combatting them. Get them on time.

3Adhere to regular exercises-


Though you may find it difficult to come up from the bed early in the morning during winter, but for maintaining your body immunity, regular exercise is must. Go out for a morning walk or restore to jogging sessions.


beautiful woman with healthy food water and clock

Your diet plays an important role. Include garlic, ginger, mushrooms, eleuthero and astragalus in your diet to keep cold and flu miles away from you.

Concluding note

Adhering to the tips mentioned above will help you to lead a healthy winter. Make sure to restore to them.