Delhi has an extreme climate. The average temperature can vary from 25oC to 45oC during summer and 22oC to 5oC during the winter. This makes it blazing hot in summers (April – July) and chilling cold in winters (December – January).

Summer Season


Starts form the month of April and continues up to the month of July. During This season, the temperature ranges between 25oC to 45oC. It gets pretty humid too. Days are usually sunny.


The clothing for such season is light, breathable and sweat-absorbent. Wear fabrics like cotton, linen or khadi. Wearing a hat or scarf while in the sun will protect you from tanning and sunburn. Pick light color if possible, even for bottoms. It’s a great season to flaunt your shorts and sleeveless dresses but make sure you cover up under the sun. Light footwear like floaters, slippers, sandals, sneakers and bellies are a comfortable option during summer. Using sunscreen lotion is a must.

Monsoon Season


Monsoon season in Delhi falls in the month of July and lasts till mid of September. During monsoon, temperature stays between 30oC to 35oC. The humidity meter is at its peak during this season because of the high water content in the air. But rainfall does come as a relief from extreme hot weather.


People prefer light clothes during monsoon. Avoid wearing dresses that are too long because they tend to get dirty while walking in the rain. Wear footwear that are light, water-resistant and slip-resistant like crocs, floaters or rain boots. Avoid leather as they can prove to be pretty difficult to maintain during wet season and may start stinking. Also avoid light colored lowers especially if you walk on the road too often as they can get those nasty mud stains.

Winter Season


Winter in Delhi has extreme cold and low temperature. The season starts from the month of December and stays till the month of January. The temperature drops within the range of 22oC to 5oC.


It is quite obvious that warm and woolen clothes are preferred. But make sure that you wear clothes that are skin friendly and manageable especially if you travel by public transport. The rush and pollution can make you feel uncomfortable. You have the best chance to wear your favorite boots and shoes during this season. Don’t give up on woolen socks! The Delhi-winter will make you shiver from head to toe. That reminds me to mention about the woolen caps and muffler.

Delhi has a palette of climates. It’s fun to mix the weather requirements and your own dressing sense every day.