Wedding Season Fashion Tips

In India, wedding season feels like a festive season. It’s a great opportunity to get dressed in traditional outfits. We woman love this look of our’s as it accentuates our femininity. It doesn’t really matter whose wedding it is, we play our role of dressing up…and we do that in style. But we can do a lot more with the desi – look by adding a tinge on modern touch to it. Check out how?

Boat-Neck Full Sleeve Choli801c9466cbc2cb4442e863b63a56ff13

Lehenga – Cholis are one of the most preferred attires by wedding guests. This kind of boat-neck full sleeved choli gives the lehenga – choli a twist of “cocktail dress feel”. The Indo – Western fusion here is subtle yet visible. This will make you look gorgeous.

Black Long Dress With Traditional Design1238837_651437321556320_2013231037_n

If you are not really fond of traditional dresses then a little cheating is fun too. Flaunt a plain black long dress preferably a full sleeved one with some beautiful ethnic print/ design on it. This will keep you comfortable in your own skin but will also justify the occasion.

Statement Bloused3c5685cebb3961a0b6bdc8a5b937570

If we are a sari person then the entire focus is usually on the blouse style rather than the sari. And that’s a thing but it’s time for the next level. So far, we’ve worn blouses with designer styled neck and sleeves. But now try to emphasize on the blouse material. There are highly beautiful brocaded and studded fabrics available that look stunning with plain or simple saris. These look best in metallic colors like silver, golden, bronze, copper etc.

Mirror Work ReturnsDesigner-blouses2Mirror work were in fashion during the 90s. This graceful and elegant work in attires have a ravishing impact. This trend is returning. Now we see crop tops and blouses in this work. Flaunt a piece in the next wedding you attend and see the heads turning.

Strong Colors In See-Through Fabric

You love colors but you don’t want to look flashy. Add color to your attire in fabrics that are see through like net. It could be a dhupatta (veil) of a lehenga or suit or just sleeves. The nature of the fabric will balance the color.

Top Styled Blouse


A top styled blouse is smart, formal and elegant. But out of sari and blouse, make sure one is plain and the other one is not. This will ensure that both the pieces get noticed. Also its better to keep the blouse sleeveless.

Accessorize Head With FlowersLFW-2

Try dressing your hair with a gajara or a rose flower for at least once. Real flowers have a lot more appealing effect than any other head accessory. You’ll look adorable!

Non Conventional Shadesmonisha jaising

If you cant do away with traditional dresses then pick them in colors and designs that are non conventional. Try something other than the shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, golden, silver, black and white. Try shades from the family of blue and green. Also, go for decorative works that are not common.

Dress For AllrBVaG1XkE0yAO9q1AAJtoUZUvb8613

If you don’t wish to spend a lot of money on attires for receptions and weddings then buy something that is suitable for almost all the venues and timings. A dress like this can go for weddings and receptions and at any noon. This can be worn in both – western and Indian setting.

Tinge Of Red

You don’t have to go all red just because its a wedding. In fact, its better to carry minimal red in the look so that you don’t go over the board with it. No matter how auspicious and beautiful it is, red is a loud color. Just add a tinge of it in your entire look. It could be a blouse, choli, dhupatta, lip color, clutch or heels.