Apple has always tried to break conventions with its Mac Computers, iPhones and iPads but this time it’s a Carry Bag which has been patented by the company.

Yes, a bag that you use to carry things you buy from store.

But like every time, Apple’s seems to be well aware what it is aiming at has clearly explained why these are different. The Cupertino, a company based in California has submitted a patent application last week for white coloured, rectangular shaped shopping bags that are made of bleached sulfate paper.


In the patent application, Apple has described the features of its bags that make them superior from the rest. Where in other similar bags, the percentage of bleached sulfate paper from recycled material is just only 40-50%, in Apple bags it is 60%.

The bleached sulfate paper also fives a more “sophisticated fit & finish” in comparison to the craft paper bags that have “rough and dull fit & finish”.
Apple bags also have a “collar” around its opening with the sulfate paper folded over to add strength as recycled bags tend to tear more easily.
Another feature, according to Apple, is its handle which is made by knitting together paper fibers. The shoelace-like-handles are soft and will droop below the top of the bag when not in hand. Unlike the regular paper handle that are not flexible and stand up.

Apple has filed a provisional patent application for the bag in March.